Using this Site

This website is hosted on Qwriting, a Queens College blogging and site creation platform running on WordPress. Registered students of this course, please sign up for a Qwriting account and add yourself to the website right away; be sure to check the website regularly for updates.

Materials of this course are open to the public. Please do not reproduce the contents of this without the instructor’s permission. Student-generated content is only viewable by registered students and users of this website.


Completing Online Discussion Assignments


To post a response for the Online Discussion assignment, create a new post. More detailed instructions here. Be sure to follow the next three steps:

Categorize your post accordingly. For example, if you are posting on Week 3, make sure that the category boxes, “Online Discussion” and “Week 3” are checked.

Tag your posts with relevant keywords. For example, the author’s name, topic of discussion and so on. This will help us visualize the main ideas in our class over the course of the semester.

Make your post Private. On the left panel, check “Private” under the Visibility setting. This will ensure that your posts are visible to the class only.



Use the “Comment” function that follows each post to comment on a response.


added Sept 23, 2013

If you’d like to share relevant information to our course or make a change on the Online Discussion sign-up sheet, please post an Announcement on the course site. To do so, create a new post and categorize it under “Announcements.”

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