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Week 9: “The Wet Nurse” and “Breast Giver”

You may choose to respond to one of the following prompts below:

On Thursday, we mentioned that the tragic demise of Jashoda, the protagonist in “The Wet-Nurse,” offers a feminist critique of the gender roles in the story’s social context. However, in addition to gendered expectations, the relationships between the various characters are shaped by socioeconomic status as well.   Referring closely to the text, explain what commentary or critique that you think the story is offering.


Compare the two English translations of Mahasweta Devi’s short story, “The Wet-Nurse,” and “The Breast Giver.” In addition to the titles, there are a number of differences in the text as well? Identify a few of these differences and discuss their significance. What meaning does one translation produce compared to the other?