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Week 6: Wide Sargasso Sea and Lucy

**The deadline for posting responses has been extended to Tuesday at noon this week due to a delay in my posting the prompts. Comments are due on Thursday before class**

You may choose to respond to one of the following prompts:

In Week 5, our class and online discussions have focused on the various themes and tropes in Wide Sargasso Sea. In particular, we’ve considered these aspects of Rhys’s novel in the interest of examining the hypothesis that Wide Sargasso Sea is a rewriting of Jane Eyre. That is, by fleshing out the story of Antoinette, Wide Sargasso Sea casts the story and meaning behind Jane Eyre in a new light. Elaborate on one aspect of the novel that we have discussed, whether in class or online, by contributing your ideas. In what ways do you see Rhys’s novel as rewriting–or, perhaps not–Jane Eyre?

For example, you may address the following question raised in class. Why is Antoinette’s husband, also the narrator of parts of the novel, not given a name? Seeing as names and the act of naming is weighted with significance throughout the novel, what is the significance of his unnamed status? Does it invite us to read the corresponding character of Rochester in Jane Eyre differently?


The eponymous protagonist and first-person narrator in Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy has traveled from her home in the West Indies to work in the United States. In her efforts to make sense of her new, unfamiliar surroundings and the people in it, Lucy often relates it to her memories and experiences whence she came. Identify and analyze a passage from the novel in which Lucy draws a relation between the place from which she came to the place in which she has just arrived.