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Week 15: Animal’s People

You may choose to respond to one of the following prompts:

As was noted in the Online Discussion and in class last week, language is a dominant theme in Animal’s People. We noted, for example, Animal’s unique syntax or sentence structures and rendition of English words (see the Collaborative Notes for further discussion). One point that needs further elaboration is the vulgarity of Animal’s speech, specifically, his regular use of swear words and his constant cracking of sexual jokes. Of course, it is not just Animal, but his friends, especially Farouq, who speak in this way well. What are we to make of their vulgar speech? Is it meant to shock? To make us uncomfortable? In the novel, Zafar has a particular view about the use of vulgarity. Are we meant to sympathize with his view? What effect does this vulgar language create? Is there a significance to it?


Zafar, Ma Franci and Elli Barber are not of Khaufpur, but have chosen to make the city their home in response to what happened “that night” at the Kampani’s factory. Analyze one of these characters and discuss her or his relationship to the people of Khaufpur. Why have they come or stayed on in Khaufpur? How do they interact with its people? How do the people view them?