Guidelines for the Midterm

The Midterm will evaluate the following:

1. Your ability to discuss the course themes and texts that we have been analyzing thus far into the semester. To demonstrate this, you will need to refer to specific aspects of the text such as its tropes, themes and narrative structure in your letter. You may refer to the responses in the Online Discussion and our collaborative notes taken during our class discussions; if you wish to include a point that was first made by someone else, please cite it accordingly (for example, “So-and-so pointed out X in Y text”). It is not necessary and probably unwise to refer to all the materials we’ve discussed. As such, plan carefully as to which aspects you want to discuss in your letter.

2. Your engagement with the course materials discussed in your letter. In other words, your letter should not simply reproduce our course discussions, but also demonstrate that you have reflected on these ideas and have something to say about them. If there are aspects of the course that you find raise more questions than answers, you are welcome to write about them.

Points Distribution:

Discussion of course themes and texts: 10 points

Engagement with course materials: 10 points

Overall style and writing of letter: 5 points

Total: 25 points

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