Assignments and Assessment

Online Discussion (40%)

Over the course of the semester, sign up for three slots to post a response of about 400 words in length to the reading on the course website (3 x 10%). Writing prompts will be provided as a guideline, though you may respond in a manner of your own choosing as long as it is relevant to the course. Respondents bear the responsibility of initiating a lively discussion both online and in class so posts should be substantive and thoughtfully crafted. In addition, sign up for four slots to comment on a response (4 x 2.5%). All are required to read the responses and comments, and are encouraged to comment online as many times as they like. Responses are due on Monday at noon and comments before class on Tuesday. Please sign up on the course website for three response slots and four commentator spots by the end of the second week.


Midterm (25%)

Write a letter to whomever you wish, detailing in your own words what you have learned in the course thus far. The letter, approximately 1,200 words in length, ought to refer to the texts we have read, as well as the concepts and issues discussed. Electronic copies of the letter should be submitted via Dropbox (details TBA) email (Subject line: ENGL 255: Midterm) by October 17.


Final (25%)

Compose an essay or a multimedia work that focuses on one of the works studied in the second-half of the semester in relation to the course’s theme of translation and intercultural relations. Composition prompts will be provided. The final is due at on Finals, December 17.


Class Participation (10%)

In class, you will be expected to complete a variety of tasks including small-group work, in-class writing, leading and contributing to discussions, among others. Attendance is required to pass the course; absences are only excused for compelling health reasons or personal emergencies. Chronic absence and lateness; disruptive behavior; lack of contribution to group work; unfamiliarity with texts; and being unprepared for class will lower points earned for participation.

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